May 28, 2023

Fix: Omegle “Error connecting to server. Please try again.”

Omegle is one of the best free online chat websites to meet and talk to strangers.

It is not a dating site and the idea is to connect with anyone available on the platform via a video chat or text chat both moderated and unmoderated.

While Omegle is not new it has been used by people to meet strangers to kill time when they are bored and lonely. Users can easily add their interests to meet similar people.

This random video app’s popularity picked up a few years ago and is now used by popular YouTube creators, streamers, and memers, to talk with people and make an entertaining video clip out of it by pranking and roasting people they meet on Omegle.

But many users are dejected when they cannot access Omegle like they normally do. An Omegle Error connecting to server. Please try again. error pops up, breaking the access to the website.

Many users share this Omegle connection error on Reddit, quora, and other community forums, hoping for a solution that can get the website working again.

If you are facing the same error and have tried many hacks which didn’t work, don’t worry. We will list out the possible reasons why the Omegle server connection error pops up.

Moreover, you will learn all the possible methods to fix the error code and get Omegle working again.

Reasons for the Omegle Error Message

Here are a few reasons why the Omegle site displays the error message:

  1. The Omegle server is down or under maintenance.
  2. Your ISP is blocking access to Omegle servers.
  3. Omegle site moderators have flagged and blacklisted your IP.
  4. Your system and browser DNS Cache is outdated or corrupt.
  5. Your computer doesn’t have an active internet connection.

Methods to Fix the Omegle “Error connecting to server. Please try again.” Issue

We will start with the basic troubleshooting methods and then move to the more advanced ones to fix the Omegle server connection issue.

1. Restart Your Browser

The first preliminary fix to resolve the Omegle issue is to completely close and then restart your web browser.

  1. Open Task Manager on Windows and locate the Chrome browser in the list.
  2. Right-click on the process and select the End task option from the context menu.
  3. Now, Press Win + R to open the Run dialog box. Type Chrome and press the enter key.
  4. Revisit the official Omegle website and check if you are able to connect successfully.

2. Restart Your Computer

Apps and services can often encounter glitches and stop working properly. If a network service encounters a glitch on your Windows system, you should restart the system. It will close all the running apps and services and then relaunch them after the computer restarts.

Launch any web browser on your system and open the Omegle website again. If the error code pops up again, move to the next method.

3. Reboot Your Router

We tend to keep the router running at all times and it keeps on building a lot of items in the cache. If you have trouble accessing the Omegle site, the router’s cache could be the culprit. First power off the router and unplug it from the wall socket. Then, press the power/restart button on the router for 1 minute to drain the residual power.

After that, reconnect all the cables and then replug the router. Power it on and allow it to connect to the ISP and restore your internet connection. Open a browser and try to access the Omegle website. Try to open any other website in the browser to rule out any internet connectivity issues.

4. Check if Omegle Server is Active

A common reason for the Omegle server connection issue could be a server outage or ongoing maintenance. During both of these instances, you cannot access the website. Since, there is no official webpage to check the Omegle server status, use DownDetector or Isitdownrightnow.

These website outage websites track and report any recent Omegle outages worldwide. If you see an active outage, wait for 12-24 hours for the website to come back online again.

5. Flush DNS Cache

DNS cache stores all the corresponding IP addresses of website URLs that you recently visited. Over time, this cache can get corrupt or outdated due to which your computer cannot establish a connection with Omegle. Flushing the DNS cache will force your system to perform a fresh DNS lookup for Omegle.

Repeat the following steps to flush the DNS cache on Windows:

  1. Press Win + R to open the Run dialog box. Type cmd and press the enter key.
  2. The command prompt will launch.
  3. Type the following command and press the enter key: ipconfig /flushdns
  4. Now, open the web browser and revisit the Omegle website.
  5. If you see the “Error connecting to server. Please try again.” again, try the next method.

6. Reset the Network Configuration

Having trouble accessing the Omegle website points towards an underlying network configuration issue. So, merely flushing the DNS cache won’t suffice. You need to reset the TCP/IP stack on Windows and also reset the Winsock configuration. Retrace the following steps:

  1. Press Win + X to open the Power Menu. Select the Terminal (Admin) option from the list.
  2. UAC will pop up. Click on the OK button to launch CMD.
  3. Type, netsh winsock reset command, and press the enter key.
  4. After the command executes successfully, type netsh int ip reset and hit enter.
  5. Now, restart the system. Open the web browser and visit the Omegle site again. If you still see the error code, move to the next step.

7. Delete the Browser’s DNS Cache and Cookies

The web browser also maintains a separate DNS cache for reducing the time wasted on DNS lookups. Outdated DNS cache entries can prevent the browser from accessing the Omegle site.

To clear the Chrome browser DNS cache, do as follows:

  1. Open a new tab and type: chrome://net-internals and press the enter key.
  2. Click on the DNS option in the left-hand side menu.
  3. Then, click on the Clear host cache button.
  4. Press Ctrl + H to open the browsing history in Chrome.
  5. Select the Clear browsing data option and click on the Clear Data button. Keep the Time range as All time.
  6. Now, close the Chrome browser using Task Manager and then restart it. Try visiting the Omegle website now and check if the Omegle connection error is still there.

8. Disable all Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can break features on certain sites which can result in the Omegle Error connecting to server. Please try again. So, you must disable all extensions and check if you can access the Omegle site again.

  1. Open Chrome and type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar.
  2. The extension page will launch. Click on the toggle below an active extension to disable it.
  3. Repeat the process for all extensions and restart the browser.
  4. Now, visit the official Omegle website and check if you can connect with another user.

9. Use a VPN App

Omegle bans are a little excessive. If the servers ban your IP address, you cannot access the site using that same connection. Similarly, some ISPs do not allow connecting to Omegle due to regulatory procedures. You can use the best VPN service to bypass these restrictions and access Omegle.

But remember to not use a cheap or unreliable VPN extension/app. The reason behind this is the widespread usage of free VPNs by thousands of users. Omegle tends to block these firsthand.

10. Switch to a different device

If all the above methods fail to fix the Omegle server connection problems, switch to a different device. Omegle is available on the web and also as an Android and iOS app. Use the phone or tablet for the time being or raise a support request with the Omegle support team.

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